Lentil Burger

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Lentil Burger
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  1. 400 g Lentils
  2. 120 g Flour
  3. 15 ml Ground cumin
  4. 15 ml Coriander powder
  5. 15 ml Paprika
  6. 120 g Chopped onion
  7. 1 g Salt
  1. Place all ingredients except for flour in to a food processor and blend until a paste starts to form.
  2. Scoop the mixture in to a bowl and add flour.
  3. Mix well until all ingredients are combined and you can form patties with the mixture.
  4. Divide the mixture into equally-sized balls and shape your patties.
  5. Fry patties in a little bit of oil until crispy and brown on both side.
  6. Serve on a roll with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cheese sauce (from Mac n Cheese recipe).
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